Golf Club, Founded October 1,1999 in Philadelphia Pa origanally selling Golf supplies online in the East Coast, Slowly expanding into the Home Furnishings sector of the Ecommerce Buisness, by September of 2009 we were selling Home Furnishings as are main niche and our Golf supplies being moved into the Sports & Fitness Category, we also changed our Buisness name  from Golf Club.Com to EastwickHG.Com, the Eastwick was the name of the section of Philadelphia we started our Buisness in and the HG simply is initials for Home & Garden, as time went on we expanded our category even further such as Kitchen Appliances , Pet Supplies , Kids Toys, Hardware Ect., by October of 2016 we were now selling our products through out the United States and Canada and also because of advertising on social media we have become well known in Europe , also that same year we changed our name yet again to HomeRooms.Biz, keeping it simple and more inline with our Ecommerce niche and easy for Google to find us on the internet and of course helps our customers find us to , in 2017 we expanded in more categories such as Womans Clothing,Mens Clothing and Childrens Clothing .

Our Goal at HomeRooms.Biz is not to be the biggest online retailer but to be the best in customer service and selling some of the best Home & Garden products on the market at the best price possible, were not looking to become another Amazon or Walmart they are giants of the industry and we also work for them as a third party retailer you may see HomeRooms.Biz advertising some our products with them. We at HomeRooms.Biz love the retail industry it is by far a very exciting place to be apart of selling beautiful products and making people happy is a great satisfaction and our number one goal and as Winston Churchhill once said "We Make A Living By What We Get, But We Make A Life By What We Give" . Thank You for your time in reading this .

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